The word “doula” is an ancient Greek word, which over time and through re-invention, has come to mean an experienced and trained birth worker. Doulas have received specific training to equip you with the education and guidance around what to expect during your pregnancy, birth and while parenting your newborn baby. A doula, or labour support provider, will bring physical and emotional tools with her into your labour process yet not perform any clinical tasks, i.e.: vaginal examinations, blood pressure checks or foetal assessments. Doulas are knowledgeable, supportive, compassionate, resourceful, open and accepting. It is not the doula’s place to be judgemental and she will always want you to feel that every decision you and your birthing partner make is 100% respected.

How does it work?

A doula will meet with you and your partner or someone who will be supporting you through your pregnancy and birth. Many parents-to-be learn about doulas sometime in their first or second trimester and seek out support as soon as they are able to arrange a meeting. Others call a week before they are due and luck into finding the perfect doula. It is our hope that you will reach out to us as early in your pregnancy as possible so that we can find you the perfect support. It is truly imperative to us that you not only feel comfortable with your doula but as though she is an extension of your family. Meetings can be arranged for in your home, virtually or at THE WOMB.

Birth Support Packages

In-Person / Hybrid Birth Doula Support

  1. Free Initial consultation
  2. Prenatal & Pregnancy Support:
    • Two (2-3) prenatal meetings
    • Free “Childbirth Without Fear” Workshop
    • Phone, email and text support
    • Shared doula care and back up doula support
    • Dedicated 24/7 on call labour and birth support from 37 weeks
  1. Continuous, consistent Labour & Birth Support
    • Early labour support at home and by phone
    • Continuous support from home to your place of birth
    • Physical, emotional and informational support, for the duration of your birth
    • Birth Photography
    • Birth Notes
  1. Postnatal Support
    • Assistance with breastfeeding and baby care by phone and text
    • Two (2) postnatal visits

Virtual Birth Doula Support

With COVID-19 causing closures in many communities, families are reaching out to The WOMB for virtual support to help them navigate the many unknowns of birthing during this time. The WOMB’s team of experienced birth doulas will continue to provide virtual guidance and support to you through the birth experience so that the Doula’s experience, knowledge, confidence, coping practices and comfort measures will guide you to a joyful birth.  This type of support would be a great option for:
  • families living outside the physical catchment area of any WOMB location
  • families whose chosen birth hospital is not yet re-opened to physical doula support
  • families who have not expanded their circle of care beyond their immediate family
Virtual support includes:
  • the traditional prenatal and postnatal meetings all done virtually (as above)
  • a tailored approach to support
  • summarized emails regarding the discussions had in the meetings
  • cheat sheet handouts and links to research and resources
  • phone, email and text support
  • virtual platform support (may be through FaceTime, Zoom or another platform as arranged)

Postnatal Doula Support

The role of the postnatal doula is a fluid role that adapts and changes with the changing needs of your family. Essentially, your doula is working herself out of a job – effectively coaching you, the new parents to become the “experts” of your baby, while offering tools, education and support. This support is based upon your needs and desires as a family, guiding you without judgement. Our families have seen a tremendous impact and shared with us that these include…
  • Increased breastfeeding success
  • Enhanced parenting confidence
  • Improved family relationships
  • Faster healing with education in self-care after birth
  • Decreased in Postpartum Mood Anxiety Disorders
  • Increased father or partner’s confidence and involvement
Our goal is to increase your parenting confidence and provide you with the tools and skills to be on your own. “There are no perfect parents, just perfect parenting intentions”.

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